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The Torre Mayor building received LEED Platinum v4.1 certification

Torre Mayor building

Mexico. Torre Mayor, in Mexico City, is considered an intelligent building, which offers a productive and efficient work environment, through the optimization of the structure, systems, services and administration. Hence, for the third year it achieved a LEED certification, this time the Platinum v4.1.

According to the LEED web portal, "located on Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City, Torre Mayor is an outstanding example of best practices in LEED O+M for existing buildings." This considering factors such as the facade, air conditioning systems, monoxide detection, water system and lighting.

It is worth noting that this building is 225 meters high and has a construction area of 77,000 m2 (828,821 square feet), which makes it the tallest tower in Latin America. “The building is made up of four basements, 55 floors free of columns, parking lots, commercial areas and machine rooms and directs its functions around a vertical core of services. The building has a typical occupancy of approximately 8,000 people and an average of more than 1,000 visitors per day.

In Torre Mayor, the injection and extraction fans work according to the limits of the alarms of the CO sensors. When the CO sensor limit (50 ppm) is exceeded, all fans will turn on. In addition, all air handling units start based on an optimized start schedule, set daily at a fixed time according to a start command.

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Another point in favor is the water system, according to the LEED portal "potable water consumption is reduced to cool the tower and the evaporative condenser equipment through effective water management and the use of non-potable water. The stormwater system collects rainwater from the roof above the 55th floor and from a terrace on the 10th floor that is also used for rainwater collection. The system collects the water and eventually channels it to be deposited in treatment tanks”.

In other words, for its part, the water treatment plant aims to recover significant volumes of liquid and use it for applications such as garden irrigation, cooling tower supply, hospital furniture and groundwater recharge.

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