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More than 75 exhibitors have already confirmed their participation in Refriaméricas Puerto Rico

Refriaméricas 2023

Latin America. From ACR Latinoamérica magazine it is a pleasure to invite you to participate in the Refriaméricas 2023 Exhibition and Academic Congress, a space for the HVAC industry that this year will take place at the Puerto Rico Convention Center (CCPR) from July 26 to 27.

For Duván Chaverra, Chief Editor of ACR Latin America magazine and Academic Director of this event, "the technical knowledge and experience of more than 25 years that ACR Latin America has in the HVAC/R market best support the organization of Refriaméricas 2023 in Puerto Rico, where we have high expectations due to the positive reception that the previous event has had, both in the participation of the exhibitors and in the massive response of professionals who have already scheduled to visit the show”.

For his part, Fabio Giraldo, Project Manager of our magazine and the event, commented with pleasure that the number of exhibitors has exceeded 75, "exceeding the number of exhibitors we had last year in Miami", which generates a positive expectation. facing the assistance and strategic location of this 2023 version in Puerto Rico.

In this sense, for Fabio he noted that the Refriaméricas organization has sought to have a high impact and be of interest to the Central American and Caribbean area, including the American state of Florida, more specifically to Miami. "This area is the one that has contributed the largest number of participants in recent years."

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Why Puerto Rico?
In addition to being close to several islands, Puerto Rico is in the center of the Caribbean, which is why it was key to helping people participate more massively, Fabio explained. “Air connectivity is quite good coming from any country, including Europe. On the other hand, as a tourist destination it helps people want to go, because of its natural beauty, but Puerto Rico has also been one of the enriching countries in terms of HVAC, in terms of contractors, installers and very good distributors of excellent brands. ”.

Likewise, the Project Manager made a note about the territory. “I would say that being so in the center of the Caribbean and having to deal with the damage caused by hurricanes has somehow helped the HVAC sector grow exponentially there, because every time this type of natural disaster happens, society and companies must redo the entire cold chain, air conditioning and air conditioning system, whatever it is for hotel chains, hospitals and airports, among others”.

Confirmed exhibitors
At the moment the confirmed exhibitors, which can be seen on the event plan, are Ace Refrigeration / Lennox, air-con, inc., Alupir Duct System, Alustrial México, Amerex, Belimo Americas - Belimo Aircontrols USA, Berner International, Bextair HVAC Distributors, Carrier Puerto Rico, CIA Puerto Rico, CIB Corporation, Climatech Int/Strutfoot, Conex BäNninger, Conformatic Corp, CTI, Delta Controls Inc., Diversitech Corporation, Eco-Thermal Solutions, LLC, Envira-North Systems LTD., Errecom Usa LLC., Everwell Parts, Inc., Evocell&Mobius S.R.L., Formtek International, Fratelli Pettinaroli, Froztec International, Full Gauge Controls, GE Appliances Corp, GF Piping Systems, Globe Panels Group, Hartell, Hisense HVAC, Incotherm, Infiniguard, Invotech Scroll Technologies, Jirah Contractors & Consulting, INC., Johnson Controls, K-FLEX de México- S de RL de CV, Kingspan Insultion S.A.U., Laminaire, MA-LINE Division Of Monti & Associates, Inc., Master Panel S.L., Metecno, Modine Coatings, MSA The Safety Company, Navac, nupi Americas, Oldach, Olimpia Splendid USA, Omega Environmental Technologies, Oventrop, P3 SRL, Permatron Corporation, Prihoda, Quality Engineering Prod Corp, REBOCA – REPOLEN, Rectorseal Truaire, Red-White Valve, Refricentro Puerto Rico, RGF Environmental Group, Inc., RLS (Rapid Locking Systems), Roger Electric, SAEG Engineering Group, Simcox Refrigeration Suppliers, Taco Comfort Solutions, Team International, Technical Distributors, Inc., Tecnoweld, TRANE Puerto Rico, Trotec GMBH, Tsi supercool, Ues Refrigeration / heatcraft RP, Universal Steel Trading LLC. , Uniweld Products y VIMCO - Vibration Management Corp.

Other information about the event and the Cala Adwards Award
It is important to note that to date Refriaméricas has Full Gauge and Everwell as sponsors, as well as the US Green Building Council of the Puerto Rico chapter as an allied entity. In addition, the award that was given within the framework of this event, the Latino Climate Contest, was renewed under the CALA Awards™ brand, so that now the Best HVAC/R Installation in the region will be awarded.

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