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For Estévez the bet with the environment is "enduro"

According to José Antonio Estévez, being the professional of the month of this edition of ACR was the opportunity to review what has been the performance of his life.

by Héctor Gómez Pérez

Our professional of the month is a lover of motorcycling and reading, and as far as his family is concerned, he points out that the three women in his home are his main source of pride. At the time of his baptism, his parents determined that he would be called José Antonio, although now, 48 years after his birth, some annexes accompanying the name appear in his email signature and business cards:

Jose Antonio Estevez,
Parts and Warranties Manager
Trane SA de CV

- Publicidad -

But let's start at the beginning: Estévez was born in Mexico City, on June 13, 1960 and did his studies at the Colegio México of Marist tradition; Higher education was carried out at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) where he obtained the title of mechanical electrical engineer. His first contact with the HVAC industry was with the Mexican company Interfil, in his time as a university student in the early 80s; at that time he worked in the areas of purchasing, production and sales.

Over the years he was part of Dupont where he performed technical and commercial work in the area of fluorochemicals; Estévez recognizes this experience as fundamental in his journey in the industry: "Dupont allowed us to lead our industry to the difficult and complicated elimination of products that destroy the ozone layer through its technical, commercial and political commitment worldwide. With the manufacture of these substitutes I had the opportunity to lead in the industry these changes at all levels, probably my best professional exposure in this delicate technological change and in the knowledge of the market and its main players in all commercial areas, "says Estévez.

Years later he was a consultant for several environmental agencies of the United Nations (UN) to provide his services in the commitment of the region for the elimination of all products with chlorine content. All this background is what Antonio Estévez considers fundamental for his time at Copeland (Emerson Electric) as sales manager for a period of more than six years.

He arrived at Trane in 2003 when he was invited for a project that according to him "has been aggressive, demanding and that has required innovation, creativity and perseverance for the opening of a supply chain of original components and all the accessories for the installation and maintenance of refrigeration, ventilation and heating equipment" and adds that "it has been the best challenge in my professional life due to the size and scope of the project, as well as the impact on our industry."

Estévez left on a motorcycle

When you ask this Mexican about his personal and family life, he defines himself as a man blessed by God in this regard. In your home you can think of a matriarchy in the best sense of the word; this is how he defines that handful of women who accompany him on his journey: "My family is very important. My wife Monica, pillar of my home and my life; I have two daughters in college: Bety finishing civil engineering and Rebeca starting psychology, both with excellent averages and a maturity until now difficult to see in other girls of their age, are my pride and transcendence in this world. "

As for the activities that occupy his free time, there are two that are fundamental: reading and motorcycling in the enduro category, the latter being the one he is most passionate about. The enduro is a motorcycle competition characterized by being played in cross country and overcoming natural obstacles. "Enduro has allowed me to vent the economic and emotional pressures of my life, as well as develop mechanical and technical skill; the mixture of adventure, challenge and coexistence with nature results in the ideal hobby for my character and personality. In addition to having found in him dear and dear friends, "says Estévez about this motor sport.

- Publicidad -

The man in the industry

For our professional of the month, the main objectives that an HVAC industry manager must pursue are aimed at complying with all ecological regulations regarding the recovery, recycling and proper disposal of all refrigerants as a responsible industry, as well as informing and helping all users to comply with these regulations in the same way. In the same way, he considers that the role of the manager in the industry should be directed towards the personal growth of his employees, respect for the rules of coexistence and honesty in business.

From his point of view, the camaraderie between the people who work on this economic front has been decisive for his personal and professional growth, although he did not want to refer to proper names, he said that: "the coexistence with great characters of our environment has been formidable in inaugurations, conventions and meals; in fact I recognize that from them I learned both personally and in business and that now by the circumstances of life we compete in the commercial, but as people they have my esteem and admiration. From them I have received great signs of friendship and humanity, call them the main distributors or stores in our industry."

Already focused on the market of his country, Estévez was emphatic in saying that the Mexican industry has to mature in the awareness of environmental problems, this in what concerns the destruction of the ozone layer and global warming, which require a serious commitment of individual and business type so that new technologies with acceptable refrigerants and all products and services focused on energy saving are considered and implemented in all projects within the residential, commercial and industrial fields. "It is disappointing how these projects are discarded because the initial investment is greater than that of a traditional project, without understanding that all those costs are recoverable and amortized in some cases in just a few months," Said Estévez.

Education and training are guarantors for the different industries to become increasingly competitive, that is clear to Antonio Estévez and that is why he points out that they are aspects in which the sector must work hard. "I see a pressing need for technicians to improve and learn all the skills necessary for the proper performance of their tasks, I believe that the resources for this area should be much more varied and effective, resources for training and training. As I have always said, education is the necessary basis to achieve acceptable future growth and adequate coexistence for both the individual and society as a whole," said Estévez.

Finally, ACR LATINOAMÉRICA asked Estévez about the success factors of his company in the industry and without hesitation he replied that they were summarized in Trane's corporate values: "customers are our impulse, we recognize the importance of our staff, we operate with integrity, we strive to achieve excellence and we fulfill our promises."


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